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No paradise without plants

The professor of Vegetal Production Aurelio Gómez, from the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, participates in the educational science conferences “Desgranando ciencia” delivering a speech named “No paradise without plants”. With this lecture, he claims for the importance of both plants and agricultural research. In less than 15 minutes, the organizer of the Ecophysiology and […]

Scientific vocabulary: climate change

Vicent Arbona, lecturer at the Universitat Jaume I and researcher at the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Environment, describes the concept of climate change. This video is included within the category “scientific vocabulary” that is made up of short videos in which Universitat Jaume I research staff provides the definition of scientific terms related to […]

Climate change on citrus plants

A pioneering research at the Universitat Jaume I has analysed the impact of climate change on the farming of citrus fruits. In particular, scientists have studied for the first time the joint impact of drought and high temperatures in orange trees. More information. Original video in Spanish with English subtitles. Accessible version in Spanish. UCC+i […]

Ciència UJI at Radio Castellón Cadena SER: Ecophysiology and Biotechnology Group

Vicent Arbona, lecturer from the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Habitats at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, explains in this interview the work and research lines from the Ecophysiology and Biotechnology Group. The video is part of a series of interviews done by the journalist Alberto Suárez to research groups from the Universitat […]

Ciencia UJI at Radio Castellon Cadena SER: Metabolic integration and cell signalling

Professor of the School of Technology and Experimental Sciences, Miguel Cerezo, explains the work done by the Group of Metabolic Integration and Cell Signalling in which pollution and the environmental impact of agriculture is investigated through the immune system of plants and the interaction between the environment and the nitrogen metabolism in plants under biotic […]

Scientific Vocabulary: Metabolomics

Vicente Arbona, researcher of the group of Ecophysiology and Biotechnology at the Universitat Jaume I, describes the concept of metabolomics as the study of all low molecular weight molecules in an organism, cell group or tissue under specific culture conditions and specific environmental conditions. Video produced by students of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication of […]

A tomato to remember: The genetic improvement in tomato and pepper

This report expects to disseminate the research task developed at the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the Universitat Jaume I in plant breeding, especially in tomato and pepper. Video produced by students of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication of the UJI Raquel Benages, Alejandra Hidalgo, Iris Larios i Bayona, Iulian Mihai and Eva Vinuesa in […]

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