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González Tornel: «The villa was a place to live a different life than the one from the city»

“The villa was the opposite of the urban lifestyle, a place where you could live a different life than the one from the city and being in contact with nature”, has explained Pablo González Tornel, lecturer of History of Art from the Universitat Jaume I. During the lecture “The villa: between the humanization of nature […]

“Arte, poder e identidad en Iberoamérica. De los virreinatos a la construcción nacional”

The way to represent power through ephemeral art, folkloric art, emblematic portraits and caricatures, as well as the construction of cultural and national identity in Latin America are the key points of this work, in which the authors draw parallels and differences between representation of power in the Peninsula and in the Americas, during the […]

The tattoo science

In this documentary, some of the most common questions are posed about the tattoo process as a self-aggression to the human being skin and about the scientific component existing in the art of tattooing. The professional tattooist, Massimo Ferro, owner of a Tattoo studio in Valencia, and the dermatologist Gerardo Beteta, from the Hospital Rey […]

Jorge Urrutia: cultural globalization

“Globalization is an acculturation process in which groups, rather than individuals, are subjected to a kind of schizophrenia: if they accept it, they die culturally; and if they do not accept it, they are reduced to folk-type residual elements”. This was assured by the professor Jorge Urrutia from the Carlos III University at the lecturer […]

Ciencia UJI at Radio Castellon Cadena SER: Iconography and Art History

Professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Inmaculada Rodríguez, explains the work done by the Iconography and Art History Group, in which art history is investigated from an iconographic perspective that also includes architecture, emblematic for studies, to provide advice and make cataloguing of cultural property. The video is part of a series […]

The UJI participates in the First International Conference on Audiovisual Translation

The Universitat Jaume I has participated in the first International Congress of Translation Studies held in Lima, organized by the Professional Academic School of Translation and Interpretation of the César Vallejo University. Frederic Chaume, Professor of Translation and Interpretation at the UJI, has been commissioned to deliver the inaugural lecture. More information Original video in […]

Rodríguez Moya emphasizes the important legacy of the Museum of San Carlos in Mexico

The first of the days of the summer course “Collecting art, from chambers of wonders to the modern museum” ended today with a lecture by lecturer Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya centered at the Museum of San Carlos in Mexico, in which she explained in detail its transformation from academy into art gallery and the importance of […]

González Tornel the influence of the myth of the Temple of Solomon in architecture

The Monastery of Santa Maria de la Valldigna and the Church of St. Pius V School Seminary are two examples of religious architecture Valencia which have followed the architectural precepts of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, as explained by Professor Pablo González Tornel Universitat Jaume I, summer course on “Myths and metamorphosis in art”. SCP UJI. […]

The art critic Miguel Cereceda assures that the concept of the sublime exceeds criticisms

‘There is not a true valuation criterion for the sublime, because the sublime does not accept criteria and exceeds opinions and criticism. This fact limits it to a formal and political correction that does not face the events of the present, because it overwhelms the field of correction, where the criticism develops’ said Miguel Cereceda, […]

Salvador Cabedo: ‘A society without music is unimaginable’

Salvador Cabedo, professor emeritus at the Universitat Jaume I and director of the Universitat per a Majors (University for Adults), has imparted the inaugural lecture of the summer course ‘Creativity and musical expression’ of the Universitat Jaume I. Cabedo entitled his intervention ‘The anthropological and intercultural dimension of music: the effect of the musical activity […]

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