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New nanoplatelets improve the brightness of LEDs, lasers and LCD screens

Researchers at Universitat Jaume I (UJI) have shown that new semiconductor nanoplatelets synthesized in laboratories can improve the brightness of LEDs, lasers and LCD screens of computers or televisions because they allow to minimize energy losses compared to current semiconductor materials. The findings of the research developed by the UJI Quantum Chemistry Group, in collaboration […]

New system of efficient production, storage and safe transportation of hydrogen

A group of researchers from the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, the University of Zaragoza and the Institute of Chemical Technology of the Universitat Politècnica de València-CSIC, coordinated by Professor José Antonio Mata of the UJI, have developed and patented a new procedure of efficient production, storage and safe transport of hydrogen for their use […]

The UJI designs less toxic photovoltaic materials

The University Institute for Advanced Materials Research at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) has participated in the European Project Sunflower, whose objective has been the development of organic photovoltaic materials less toxic and viable for industrial production. A consortium of 17 research and business institutions has carried out this European project in the field of […]

The UJI gets the first two million Euro Consolidator Grant for producing solar cells

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) has obtained the first Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), endowed with 2 million Euro, for producing solar cells with different materials, such as colloidal quantum dots and perovskite halide. The lecturer Iván Mora Seró has obtained the financing of No-LIMIT in one of the most competitive European […]

Scientific vocabulary: perovskite

Iván Mora-Seró, researcher at the Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices Group, describes the concept of perovskite. This video is included within the new category “scientific vocabulary” that is made up of short videos in which Universitat Jaume I’s research staff provides the definition of scientific terms related to their area of expertise. Video with subtitles in […]

The UJI takes part in the celebration of the International Year of Light

The Universitat Jaume I has leveraged the 25th anniversary of its creation to support the celebration of the International Year of Light. Photonics, as the science of light, offers practical and worthwhile solutions to the challenges of a great range of areas. Energy consumption and its environmental impact, the advance of medical images as well […]

Sixto Malato: emerging contaminants and water purification

The director of the Solar Platform Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology in Almeria (CIEMAT), Sixto Malato, has indicated that emerging contaminants (those derived from antiseptics, hormones, industrial additives, detergents, care items and personal hygiene or nanomaterials) have become one of the main challenges in the field of water purification because “we do not […]

A PhD from the UJI creates a short film to support research in renewable energies

Luca Bertoluzzi, physicist and PhD student at the Institute of Advanced Materials of the University Jaume I, has created a short animation film to support research on renewable energies.This three-minute piece shows how the energy produced daily is affecting both the environment and humanity, and promotes research into clean technologies that can compete with conventional […]

Ciència UJI Radio Castellón Cadena SER: Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices

The professor of Applied Physics at the Universitat Jaume I, Germà Garcia Belmonte, explains the work done by the research group of Photovoltaic Devices focused on the development of advanced materials in the energy field from an interdisciplinary perspective that combines chemistry, physics and engineering. The professor of Applied Physics explains, in this interview, some […]

The UJI patents new graphene-based catalysts of interest to the energy industry

Researchers at the Universitat Jaume I have developed materials based on graphene that can catalyse reactions for the conversion and storage of energy. The technology patented by the UJI combines graphene and organometallic compounds in a single material without altering the most interesting properties of graphene, such as its electrical conductivity. The technology, developed by […]

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