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Research Pitches 2016: «Guided learning diary tool». Lorena Bort Mir

Researcher Lorena Bort Mir, from the Research Group on Contrastive and Applied Semantics (Gresca), has won the second prize in the first Research Pitches contest organised by the Universitat Jaume I. The video explains a guided learning diary tool for promoting and evaluating students’ metacognitive processes in higher education. The first call for this event, […]

Josep Climent I Avinent, an illustrated bishop

The UJI has published the book Josep Climent i Avinent. Bisbe de Barcelonawith the aim of spreading the studies and contributions made on the personality and work of Bishop Josep Climent I Avinent following the tercentenary of his birth. The publication has hadas publishers Marco A. Adell, Augustín Flors, Francisco Marco and Manuel Rosas. Bishop […]

Jorge Urrutia: cultural globalization

“Globalization is an acculturation process in which groups, rather than individuals, are subjected to a kind of schizophrenia: if they accept it, they die culturally; and if they do not accept it, they are reduced to folk-type residual elements”. This was assured by the professor Jorge Urrutia from the Carlos III University at the lecturer […]

The UJI participates in the First International Conference on Audiovisual Translation

The Universitat Jaume I has participated in the first International Congress of Translation Studies held in Lima, organized by the Professional Academic School of Translation and Interpretation of the César Vallejo University. Frederic Chaume, Professor of Translation and Interpretation at the UJI, has been commissioned to deliver the inaugural lecture. More information Original video in […]

Ciència UJI in Radio Castellón Cadena SER: Group interview LAELA

Pilar Safont, researcher of the Linguistics Applied to Teaching of the English Language group (LAELA) and director of the Unit for Multilingual Education, discusses in this interview the results of the research carried out to improve the learning of the English language in the population and especially in children. Safont recalls that the researches show […]

Ciència UJI in Radio Castellón Cadena SER: interview to the Translation and Communication in Audiovisual Media group

Ana Tamayo, researcher of the Translation and Communication in Audiovisual Media group (TRAMA) of the Universitat Jaume I, explains in this interview to Cadena SER Radio Castellón the different lines of research of the group addressing issues such as the reality of dubbing and subtitling in Spain ; the rise of dubbing and video game […]

The history of dubbing: from a mechanism of censoring to a tool of communication

Dubbing allows to share audio-visual products among people that speak different languages. Videogames, films or cartoons use dubbing to cross borders. However, along the history, dubbing has also been a weapon for censoring used by dictators as Mussolini, Franco or Hitler. The Professor of Translation and Interpretation and coordinator of the research team Trama at […]

Vicente verdú: “There is a way of understanding the world and sharing it that was not known until now”

?”The change of age has been marked by the network established by people, where there are no hierarchies, with an horizontal relationship and that puts knowledge in open sources,” stated the writer Vicente Verdú at the conference organized by the Permanent Seminar of Spanish Philology and the Journalism Degree entitled “La victoria de la muchedumbre” […]

Twentieth anniversary of the Vives University Network

Report on the Vives Network of Universities, the Association of Universities of the Catalan-speaking territories, on its twentieth anniversary, which has been held in 2014. The network’s objectives is to coordinate joint research, culture and higher education from 21 universities located in four countries in the Mediterranean region. The report includes testimonies from Anna Albo, […]

We do excellent science: group of Translation and Communication in Media, TRAMA

The Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) at the Universitat Jaume I, attached to the Communication and Publications Service, has produced six videos designed to foster scientific vocations, to raise awareness of the importance of the contribution of science in the progress of society and to promote some of the research groups of excellence at […]

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