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Computational fluid dynamics: rivers, tides, and tsunamis??

?Professor Vicent Martinez discusses his research on “Computational Fluid Dynamics” with examples on how modelling the behaviour of a fluid (water, earth moving, snow or blood) can allow to anticipate the behaviour of the fluid and to propose alternatives before a tsunami, a flood or the overflow of a river, within the conference “What research […]

?Asymptotic Geometric analysis??

Professor David Alonso talks about his research in asymptotic geometric analysis, where he studies convex bodies, such as spheres, squares, cubes or circles, to measure distances that can later be applied to problems of relationships between data, within the conference “What research projects do mathematicians at the UJI?” organized by the directors of the degree […]

?Automobiles, buildings and typography: curves and surfaces in the era of design?

?Professor Ana Maria Arnal at the Department of Mathematics of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, explains the Bezier curves and their many applications, such as letterpress in printers, boats and automobiles design and architecture, in works such as the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry in Bilbao or the banquet hall of Torre La Mina […]

?Polar bears, dishes in frying pans and beer foam?

Professor Vincent Gimeno, of the area of Geometry and Topology in the Department of Mathematics of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, addresses some aspects of the isoperimetric problem (research on the curve with the largest area) from different perspectives, presented with worldwide well-known examples, such as polar bears, dishes made in a frying pan […]

?What does a girl like me in a place like this??

Irene Epifanio, Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the Universitat Jaume I, gives an overview of her research career that has included many fields such as image analysis, geometry and data analysis, to focus lately on the application of statistics to ergonomic design, specifically, to the design of the cabins of the American air […]

“Promediando formas”

Professor Mª Victoria Ibáñez explains in her speech “Promediando formas”, the research work that served to model the average of the Spanish feminine figure. Through three-dimensional scanners, researchers recorded the dimensions of more than 10,000 Spanish women and with the help of the theory of convex sets and the statistical analysis of shapes using landmarks, […]

Raviart: “Cooperation among mathematicians, engineers and physicists is key to progress in the field of Applied Mathematics”

The Universitat Jaume I has invested as an honorary doctor the mathematician Pierre Arnaud Raviart, at the proposal of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications of Castellon and the Department of Mathematics, for his human, academic and professional career in the field of Applied Mathematics and his contributions in the field of Mathematical Modelling. The […]

The trebuchet, the atomic bomb of the Middle Age

V Scientific Meeting «El gusto de investigar». Universitat Jaume I-CEFIRE Castellón Award of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry The trebuchet, the atomic bomb of the Middle Age Roser Blasco, Sonia Felip, Miriam Gracía-Angulo and Diana E. Stroe Tutor: Manuel Roca IES Llombai (Borriana) ABSTRAT: In this paper, we present the equations that govern the behaviour of […]

Sound… music or physics?

IV Scientific Meeting “El gusto de investigar” [The pleasure of researchin]. Universitat Jaume I-CEFIRE Castellón Prize in the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry category Sound… music or physics? Maria Álvaro Roures; Gloria Redón Clofent and Alejandro Viciano Molina. Tutor: Desideria Amela IES Penyagolosa. Castelló de la Plana This practice, related to the acoustic area, was aimed […]

Mathematical modeling

‘Modelització matemàtica’ is an exhibition that presents the diversity of areas of science that can be modelled mathematically and also the different areas of mathematics involved in these models. The exhibition, which can be seen until 23 December 2011 in the entrance hall of the School of Technology and Experimental Sciences at Universitat Jaume I, […]

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