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An innovative tool to improve care in social services and promote inclusive policies

The research group on Social Innovation and Human Development (Social Innova) from the Universitat Jaume I has designed an innovative tool to improve citizens’ attention in the field of social services and, at the same time, to promote inclusive policies. The new tool, which emerged from a study commissioned by Vila-real City Council, where municipal […]

The first digital platform for the online assessment of addiction to cybersex

The Sexuality and AIDS Research Unit (Salusex-Unisexsida) from the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (UJI) and the Universitat de València (UV) has created Adisex, the first digital platform in the Spanish-speaking area and pioneer worldwide for online assessment and treatment of addiction to cybersex. Researchers has detected that 10% of adolescents who use the Internet […]

Research Pitches 2016: «The victims of corruption». Christa M. Madrid Boquín

Researcher Christa María Madrid Boquín from the Due Process Research Group (DUPRO-RG) has been the winner of the first Research Pitches contest organised by the Universitat Jaume I. The presentation on the project “The victims of corruption”, coordinated by the lecturer Juan Luis Gómez Colomer and in which lecturers Andrea Planchadell Gargallo and Ana Beltrán […]

Science vocabulary: marketing

Diego Monferrer Tirado, professor of the Department of Business Administration and Marketing of the UniversitatJaume I, describes the concept “marketing”. This video was produced by students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UJI Cristina Carceller, BelénGarcía, RocíoMartínez, Arianne Olucha, MaríaPallarésPeris within the “Labcom-Ciència” project, coordinated by professor of the Department of Communication […]

“Un diálogo sin fronteras. Desde Las Casas a la Alianza de Civilizaciones”

ThebookUn diálogo sin fronteras. Desde Las Casas a la Alianza de Civilizaciones, by FrancescColomer, makes a theoretical expedition to the Spanish moral preillustration, that sixteenth century that gave birth to exceptional characters and authors whose intellectual fertility still captivates by the force of his ideas. Colomer rescues the figure of a visionary named Bartolomé de […]

Jorge Urrutia: cultural globalization

“Globalization is an acculturation process in which groups, rather than individuals, are subjected to a kind of schizophrenia: if they accept it, they die culturally; and if they do not accept it, they are reduced to folk-type residual elements”. This was assured by the professor Jorge Urrutia from the Carlos III University at the lecturer […]

“La Maleta de la Ciència”: easy and fun science experiments for the younger

Building and seeing the operation of a source, an artificial lung or a rocket, knowing how to work the wings of an airplane, making a geyser on a small scale, giving life to a submarine, developing a vessel, or designing a water clock are some of the proposals presented in the project “La Maleta de […]

Ciencia UJI on Radio Castellón Cadena SER: Group of Didactics of Image and Heritage

Professor of the Department of Education of the Universitat Jaume I, Enric Ramiro, explains the work done by the research group of Didactics of Image and Heritage of the UJI. Ramiro refers in this interview to the importance of heritage and image to contribute to a better relationship among people. In this sense, he explains […]

Ciencia UJI at Radio Castellon Cadena SER: Psychosocial Prevention and Health Organizations (WONT)

Professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Marisa Salanova, explains their work at the Psychosocial Prevention and Health Organizations Group (WONT), in which are studied the positive psychological processes related to the psychosocial well-being or good organizational practices and speaks about the Fists Congress on Positive Psychology in Castellon. The video is part of a […]

Ciencia UJI at Radio Castellon Cadena SER: Iconography and Art History

Professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Inmaculada Rodríguez, explains the work done by the Iconography and Art History Group, in which art history is investigated from an iconographic perspective that also includes architecture, emblematic for studies, to provide advice and make cataloguing of cultural property. The video is part of a series […]

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