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An innovative tool to improve care in social services and promote inclusive policies

The research group on Social Innovation and Human Development (Social Innova) from the Universitat Jaume I has designed an innovative tool to improve citizens’ attention in the field of social services and, at the same time, to promote inclusive policies. The new tool, which emerged from a study commissioned by Vila-real City Council, where municipal […]

Scientific vocabulary: social participation

Arecia Aguirre García, researcher at the Educational Improvement and Critical Citizenship group, describes the concept of social participation. This video is included within the new category “scientific vocabulary” that is made up of short videos in which Universitat Jaume I research staff provides the definition of scientific terms related to their area of expertise. UCC+i […]

Achotegui: “Migration is a mourning since any other situation supposes so many changes”

Migration has, together with a number of advantages, several tensions and risk situations. And it is precisely the troubled part the one that shows a dark side, called stress or mourning grief. This is one of the key concept of the summer course “Psychosocial impact on the immigrant return, back home?” Held by the Universitat […]

“Un diálogo sin fronteras. Desde Las Casas a la Alianza de Civilizaciones”

ThebookUn diálogo sin fronteras. Desde Las Casas a la Alianza de Civilizaciones, by FrancescColomer, makes a theoretical expedition to the Spanish moral preillustration, that sixteenth century that gave birth to exceptional characters and authors whose intellectual fertility still captivates by the force of his ideas. Colomer rescues the figure of a visionary named Bartolomé de […]

Ciencia UJI at Radio Castellon Cadena SER: Psychosocial Prevention and Health Organizations (WONT)

Professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Marisa Salanova, explains their work at the Psychosocial Prevention and Health Organizations Group (WONT), in which are studied the positive psychological processes related to the psychosocial well-being or good organizational practices and speaks about the Fists Congress on Positive Psychology in Castellon. The video is part of a […]

Social capital and support for the migrant population of the Valencian Autonomous Region

The professor of Social Psychology and researcher at the group of Community Psychology and Development Cooperation, Raquel Agost Felip, addresses in this video the social benefits immigrants in the Valencian Autonomous Region receive and at the same time the role they have in it. Video produced by students of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication of […]

The loss of money for refusing a bribery generates more excitement than accepting it

The study on the psychology of corruption shows how the threat of punishment is enough for most to reject a bribe.? The decisión taken before an offer of a bribery causes a greater physiological arousal in those who choose to act against their own economic interests and reject it tan in those who choose to […]

Intercultural Missions at the UJI

The Universitat Jaume I has presented the summary of the documentary of the project “Misiones interculturales”, a project of collective participation that works in the areas of education, culture and local development. More than 35 people among professors and students of the Universitat Jaume I and volunteers of other social groups (Red Cross, the Casal […]

Anabel Moriña: “Life stories serve to give voice to oppressed or silenced groups and to empower them”

Anabel Moriña, lecturer at the University of Sevilla, together with the student Javier Cortés, addressed the methodology of life stories in the summer course “Communication and education for social change”. This type of biographical-narrative methodology serves to give voice to oppressed or silenced groups since it is based on participation and highlights subjectivity. SCP UJI. […]

The UJI analyzes the political project of the political party Red Ciudadana Partido X

The Master’s Degree in Ethics and Democracy organized on 11 February the round table “Democracia y punto. Proyecto político de la Red Ciudadana Partido X” framed in the series of lectures “La democracia hoy: ¿hay alternativas a los partidos políticos tradicionales?”. The table gathers members of the public network Partido X and experts in economics […]

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