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V European Forum for #Science, #Technology and #Innovation

Next 10 and 11 February will be held in Malaga the V European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, TRANSFIERE, a professional and multi-sectorial forum of the Spanish innovation and a meeting point for research groups, businesses and public administrations. The event is a forum for networking with the participation of the Chair of Ceramics […]

Biotica: Research, Development and Innovation in the area of biotechnology

Biotica is an innovative technology-based company (EIBT) that develops fast techniques for microbiological detection and quantification based on the combination of recognition molecules with advanced nanomaterials. Biotica is the first biotechnology company located in the Science, Technology and Business Park of the Universitat Jaume I, and has the best facilities for research, development and production […]

Outcomes 10: Research into the health and pharmaco-economy results

Outcomes 10 is a research and scientific advice into the health and pharmaco-economy results in the health sector, of the Science and Technology Park of Jaume I University, Espaitec. It is an innovative company that focuses on the study and analysis of the effectiveness of drugs and healthcare technologies in usual clinical practice, and of […]

Young researchers explain different scientific concepts in the UJI

More than a dozen of teams of investigation have filled the hall of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences in FIRUJICIÈNCIA to explain to the public assistant concepts as pH, the atmospheric pressure, the empty, the chemical reactions, the refraction of the light, a dark camera, the waste, the cycle of the water or […]

Natural ventilation system of roofs that prevents heat build-up

Researchers at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón have developed a modular ventilation system for pitched roofs that solves the problem of heat accumulation by solar radiation under the roofs without the need for refrigeration. The patented system is a passive and energy efficient solution for thermal conditioning of buildings. The module can be applied […]

Scientific vocabulary: Femtosecond Laser

Omar Torres Mendieta, researcher at the Group of Optical, GROC, of the UJI, describes the concept of femtosecond laser. This video is included within the new category “scientific vocabulary” that is made up of short videos in which Universitat Jaume I research staff provides the definition of scientific terms related to their area of expertise. […]

UJI researchers improve the performance of micromachining with femtosecond lasers

Since the 90s, femtosecond lasers have enabled the treatment of materials at nanoscale and microscale with high precision, but their production is still slow and expensive. Researchers at the GROC Optics Group at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, Spain, have developed an original parallel-processing technique that enables to multiply the production capacity of these […]

UJI computer specialists draw the map of the talk in social networks

The spin-off from the Universitat Jaume I Ubik Geospatial Solutions has developed a web service that is able to search and retrieve data from social networks and position them on a map for further study and use. The geolocated analysis of social networks performed by this “Web 2.0 Broker Service” enables to visualize where people […]

Scientific vocabulary: neurobiotechnology

José Enrique Yuste, researcher of the Neurobiotechnology Group at the Predepartmental Unit of Medicine in the Universitat Jaume I, describes the concept neurobiotechnology. This video is included within the new category “scientific vocabulary” that is made up of short videos in which Universitat Jaume I research staff provides the definition of scientific terms related to […]

Augmented reality, between a tool and a game

Manoli Núñez, of the Department of Languages and Data Processing Systems of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, explains the visitors why we can see the images in 3D in a flat television, and how works augmented reality. The visitors can enjoy the experience to see a 3D television without glasses and to play with […]

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